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BM25 SmartTest


Radiosystem til lufttryksmåling - BM25 SmartTest fra BM Autoteknik A/S


The BM25 SmartTest is a radio system for air pressure measurement that consists of a radio receiver box, which measures the deceleration and receives data from the radio air pressure transducers.

BM25 SmartTest can measure air pressure simultaneously at up to eight (8) individual points, while the vehicle (and vehicle combination) is driving. At the same time, the true horizontal brake efficiency (deceleration) of the vehicle (and vehicle combination) is also measured using advanced gyro based technology, which compensates for direction differences of the cabin and the vehicle.

The BM25 SmartTest presents the vehicle brake efficiency together with air pressure values from individual axles so the operator can conduct a detailed analysis of the EBS control and regulation. This allows the operator to analyse the actual vehicle brake performance, when being used in a real situation on the road. The technology of the BM25 SmartTest features other important diagnostic possibilities, which have the potential to increase the return on investment of the equipment.

BM25 SmartTest features:
  • On-road EBS testing by analysing the individual axle air pressure control versus vehicle deceleration.
  • On-road analysis of EBS regulation of dynamic brake matching between the towing vehicle and the trailer.
  • On-road verification of CEE corridor compliance.
  • Test for leaks in the air pressure system.
  • Determination of the air pressure time lag between axles.
  • On-road and static diagnosis of the overall air pressure



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