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Customer request


If potential purchase is for own use, please specify as many of following questions:

(Note: fields marked with  are mandatory)

Company name:  
Managing Director: 
Contact person:  
Describe shortly what sort of equipment you need and for what purpose:  
In-ground brake tester:
Mobile / On-ground brake tester:
Type of vehicles to be tested:  
Model(s) of interest:  
Maximum axle load (kg): 
Need for air pressure measurement in brake Cylinder:
Need for air pressure measurement of main service line:
Automatic measurement of axle weight:
Test of 4x4, 4x6 driven vehicle:
Need for Windows software:
Need for Vehicle Inspection IT system:
Request for training and commissioning on-site:
Request for training in BM premises:
Additional comments and/or information: 
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