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Axle Load Simulation



The BM ALS (Axle Load Simulation) is easily installed or retrofitted to the sides of the subframes of the heavy vehicle brake testers from BM Autoteknik A/S, models BM14200 and BM12200. With a load capacity of 8 ton, optionally 16 ton, the system allows for a load simulation to the maximum allowed axle weight of most heavy vehicles.

The conventional Axle Load Simulation is suitable for workshops with low vehicle throughput, as the system is relatively time consuming since chains will have to be fitted to the axle before brake testing the axle – and removed again before moving the vehicle forward.

It should be noted, that since the simulated load is applied to the axle, the load sensing valve/function as well as the suspension system of the vehicle will not be activated nor tested.

The Axle Load Simulation for BM14200 is fully mounted on the installation subframes of the brake tester and thus there are no special requirements to the design or construction of the inspection pit. Owing to this design the BM ALS does not represent a trip hazard on floor of the inspection pit.


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