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BM53000 Mobile Play detector

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The BM53000 Mobile is a hydraulic play detector for light and heavy vehicles, busses and coaches up to 20.000 kg axle load.


It consist of two strong steel plates - one for each wheel - which can be mounted in a strong steel frame and placed directly on the floor. The plates are moved horizontal in 8 different directions by the operator using a remote control with integrated flash light functionality.



The complete power unit is integrated into a steel boxs on the side of the BM53000 mobile unit.


Advantages and benefits

The BM53000 Mobile checks the steering and suspension system of the vehicle without need of jacking up the axle. You will be able to detect worn kingpin bushings, loose tie-rod ends, broken welds, loose fasteners and other failed components.


The remote control unit can be supplied with either cable or radio link to the control system. Selecting radio link has the advantage, that the operator is not restricted in his work and the option avoid expensive downtime due to cable damages.


The BM53000 Mobile is only 15 cm high and can be equipped with wheels for easy movement by one man in the working area. The BM53000 Mobile is equipped with 1.25 meter drive on/off ramps for easy enter/exit.



The BM53000 can easily be positoned by one man on the test area and transported between test areas on a trailer or flatbed truck. Additional the BM53000 Mobile play detector can be used in conjunction with the BM20200 Mobile brake tester, as they both have the same design height.


In conjunction with the BM20200 Mobile brake tester, the two units utilise the same set of drive on/off ramps and only the BM20200 Mobile brake tester needs to be connected to power.

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