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BM Windows software and PDA system

BM offers dedicated windows programs for both Heavy Vehicle and Light vehicle brake testers. When a windows program is connected to your BM equipment, then you can additional purchase the BM PDA system.


The PDA system consist of a PDA with BM software, which communicate with the windows program using WLAN technology (radio linked). The PDA will perform as a unque remote control using the tochscreen of the PDA. The layout of the remote control is identical to the normal Infra Red remote control unit for BM equipment.


Additional the PDA also perform as a virtual display, which shows you all the same data, as you find on the physiscal BM display.



Benefit of BM PDA system

If your workshop is designed, so you pass the display when testing for instance trailers, then the PDA is a unique solution, as it provide you with a remote control and display inside the cabin.

  • If you purchase a mobile brake tester, the PDA can be a very usefull, as it at all times gives you acesss to both a remote control and display inside the vehicle.

Additional you will experince, that today a PDA can be used for many other application in the workshop. BM Autoteknik A/S already offer the BM FlexCheck system, which allows you to perform Quality control, vehicle inspection, Pre-inspection and Reception procedures from the PDA. You will find, that other equipment suppliers to the workshop industry has also developed tools and solutions based on the PDA unit.


Following describes shortly the X010 windows programs for BM light vehicle brake testers.


BM also offers a fully integrated vehicle inspection IT system, BM FlexCheck, designed for vehicle inspection bodies.


            Virtual Display            Virtual radio remote control           Real time graphics


1. X010 WIndows program.

This program is an option to BM brake testers for light vehicles: BM3010, BM7010, BM8010 and BM9010 or test lines including these brake testers. The program is prepared to handle both brake tester, suspension tester, speedometer tester and side slip.


The program offers basic features such as collection of test data, SQL database and various printout possibilities. Additional powerfull diagnostic tools are implemented:

  • Graphical presentation of all test results
  • Effective zoom features
  • Repair and comment features
  • Special customer designed printout

The X010 program is a powerfull software, which can be connected to any of the models as an add-on to the analogue display version or supplied without the analogue display - then these models are PC versions of BM3010, BM7010, BM8010 and BM9010 brake testers or test lines.


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