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BM250 Play detector


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The BM250 play detector is pneumatic operated equipment used for detecting play on vehicles up to 1000 kg wheel load. The play detector features a play inspection using only one plate and thus no product related minimum and maximum wheel span is applied.

The pneumatic operated plate can be installed either on the left or right hand side of an inspection pit. A handheld integrated 24 VDC flashlight and control unit is used to move the plate in different directions, which enables the operator to detect play.


The control system of the BM250 is powered by 230 VAC and the required air pressure source shall be ¼” air tube and a 10 bar air reservoir.

The control unit (flashlight) is used to move the plate in two different ways:

  • Side ways
  • Twisting

Movements allow for inspecting load-carrying links (inclusive McPherson type) with radial play. The feature allowing twist movements is used for inspection of steering system and even some types of non-carrying links of McPherson type.

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