Company profile

The company BM Autoteknik A/S has approximately 45 employees. Since the foundation in 1977, we have developed and manufactured roller brake testers and test line systems to workshops and vehicle inspection bodies all over the world.


BM is mainly trading internationally through our network of international distributors. These companies import and handle all marketing, sales, and after sales support to the end-user. Key staff of the distributor is trained and certified by BM Autoteknik A/S in order to provide excellent service to the end-user on the individual markets.


Please see our world map for a BM distributor in your area.


BM Autoteknik A/S has always focused on quality over quantity and concentrating on doing what we do best. Therefore, our product range is limited to equipment, which is designed for testing the "under body" systems of the vehicle. This includes roller brake testers, play detectors, suspension tester, side slip, and test lane systems.


Today, we have one of the widest and deepest product ranges in the industry including advanced mobile roller brake tester systems for both light and heavy vehicles.


BM Autoteknik A/S offers an IT system, BM FlexCheck, which can "glue" together both BM products and third party products to perform as a complete integrated vehicle inspection concept. BM FlexCheck features both the production system, nationwide link of data from multiple stations with management supervise tools and reporting as well as website with booking integrated all the way down to the production system.



As we focus on quality and meeting specific customer requirements, BM Autoteknik A/S has also managed to set the industry standard over the years.


BM Autoteknik A/S was the first company in the world to introduce a roller brake tester for heavy vehicles, which can lift the roller bed hydraulically in order to establish load simulation. This was done in 1982 - decades before our competitors. The design of this brake tester has over the years been improved several times and is today available as model BM17200.


In 1995 BM Autoteknik A/S introduced the lightest mobile roller brake tester for heavy vehicles, BM20200. This brake tester is uniquely designed with an operation height of only 16 cm, which requires only very short drive on/off ramps. Due to use of the best materials available on the market, the weight of the brake tester can be as low as 1.200 kg and the brake tester can be manufactured to test vehicles up to 20 T axle weight. Inspired by the success of BM20200, BM Autoteknik A/S designed a similar model in 1999 for light vehicles, BM3010, which is also available as a test line including suspension tester up to 3 T axle load.


In 2005 BM Autoteknik A/S introduced a revolutionary Chassis Load Simulation system with an optional axle load simulation integration. The system is technically superior with features not seen before on the market and hereby it seems, that BM Autoteknik A/S has once again been able to set the industry standard.

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