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BM80000 Mobile Vehicle Inspection Lane


BM80000 Mobile Vehicle Inspection Lane from BM Autoteknik A/S

The BM80000 mobile inspection lane only requires 16 Amp.


The BM80000 mobile inspection lane is for testing light vehicles and smaller service vans and can be manufactured to include one or more of following features:

  • The A-frame based transportable flatbed with hardtop cover.
  • Brake tester
  • Vehicle Lift with Wheel Play Detector
  • Headlight tester
  • Emission tester (smoke and gas)
  • BM FlexCheck Vehicle Inspection IT system
  • Camera for photos of the vehicle being inspected
  • Tool box for handheld vehicle inspection tools
  • Operator’s desk for paper work
  • Cabin roof light
  • Compressed air system
  • PC tough book and Operator PDA units

Transport of the BM80000:
Transport of the BM80000 mobile lane requires a vehicle, which is designed to load what is commonly known as “A-frames”. Such vehicles are often used in the waste management industry and in other transport industries, for example containers.


The mobile vehicle inspection lane, BM80000, from BM Test Equipment is equipped with lights, so operation can take place after dark.

The BM80000 is equipped with light, so operation can
also take place after dark.




  1. The BM80000 mobile inspection lane can be used to conduct vehicle inspection at the premises of large fleet customers. This includes providing more specialized services such as testing and issuing, “vehicle test certificated” for 2nd hand cars, at the car dealers premises.


  2. Subject to legislation, vehicle inspection can also be moved to location with high customer through put such as super markets and large mall areas.


  3. Subject to legislation, a nationwide vehicle inspection network can be established without the high cost of land and buildings. In particular if a vehicle inspection organization cooperates with a nationwide vehicle repair chain then - with a fleet of BM80000 Inspection lanes - the nation can be covered by placing the BM80000 at the locations of the vehicle repair chain. With an effective booking system, such as the BM FlexCheck internet booking system, the BM80000 even allows for a much higher utilization rate, maximizing the return on investment. For example, the BM80000 unit can be placed at a certain location for only a few days a week, and then moved to the next location when required.


  4. The BM80000 can be used to try out the business potential of a new area. When a vehicle inspection company wants to penetrate a new area, traditionally it has to conduct expensive and time consuming marketing research to assess the business potential and competitive situation. Based on this work, the inspection company will build a traditional inspection station and maybe find that the marketing research was proven wrong in practice. With BM80000 the vehicle inspection company can quickly and cost effectively test if it can successfully penetrate an area – and if not, move the BM80000 to another location without loss of high capital investments.


Watch or download videos of the BM80000 Mobile vehicle inspection lane
(to download the video right-click > Save destination as...).


 Complete setup in real time 

 Short presentation and features

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