Light vehicles


These products are designed for testing light vehicles



Roller brake tester

BM manufactures five different models of roller brake testers for light vehicles. One is mobile/on-ground, the four others are all in-ground and include both one bed and split bed models. All five models are based on the same X010 electronics and measuring system.
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Play detector

BM offers a unique play detector consisting of only one plate. The advantage is that the play detector does not have limitation on wheel base and is very easy to enter with an axle.
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Tacho tester

BM305 tacho tester is designed for testing the speedometer of vehicles with an axle load up to 3.500 kg and can test speed up to 120 km/h.
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Suspension tester

The BM40000 suspension tester is designed for axle load of up to 2000 kg. The suspension tester is using the EUSAMA measuring principle for testing the suspension system of the wheels.
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Headlight tester

The headlight tester range from BM Autoteknik A/S includes three kinds of devices: Mechanical, Electronic photodiode, and Electronic camera.

BM headlight testers are prepared for integration with the BM FlexCheck vehicle inspection IT system.

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Emission tester

We offer a complete and coherent line of emission testing systems. The BM3201 range includes changing automobile technology, it is both an antipollution control tool (gas analyser & smokemeter) and a diagnostic tool.

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Test line

All brake tester models can be purchased as a test line. A test line can include the following equipment: Brake tester, suspension tester, side slip tester and speedometer tester. All test lines are based on the same X010 electronics and measuring system.

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PC software and PDA unit

The BM brake testers can be purchased with Windows based PC software, which is customised for individual markets and countries. BM Windows programs allows for connection of radio linked PDA units performing as remote control and extra display.

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Inspection pits

BM60 and BM61 are prefabricated steel pits ready for installation. The pits are fully sealed against water ingress, and are equipped with many features as standard, there is also a long list of optional accessories that can be added according to the individual needs.

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